Coaching Skills Workshop

This interactive and very practical workshop is designed to help participants develop the key and powerful skills of Coaching. It will help attendees be better coaches and coach more effectively. It will enhance the skills for coaching in order to achieve the desired results from a particular coaching session.

People Management is so crucial in the business world these days as the people become part of the driver for business success. It is so important as it allows unacceptable behaviour and performance to be addressed immediately. By being more comfortable with the coaching process, a coach can provide guidance and help improve the performance of a coachee, which in turn helps improve the overall performance of the organisation. The coachee will also feel motivated and valued as a member of the organisation.

Attendees will benefit and learn to:
• Understand the roles of a Coach and Coachee
• Implement the correct way of coaching through the use of the key coaching skills
• Use the models/ styles and tools to help in coaching effectively
• How to prepare for and setting a coaching session
• How to handle coaching feedbacks and the rules
• Address difficult behaviours and situations and deliver negative feedbacks effectively while being respectful and professional
• Be sensitive, unbiased and not judgmental when conducting a coaching session

Mode of Workshop:
• Visual Presentation
• Individual and Group work and Presentation
• Practise Activities/ Role plays with feedback sessions
• Sharing of Best Practices

Primarily for : Supervisors, Managers and Executives with subordinates
Prerequisite : Pre Course and Post Course Work required
Duration of course : 3 days
Attendance : 16 to 20 people