Establishing A Mystery Shopper Assessment Program Workshop

Date : 23rd – 25th April 2019 ( 3 days )

What gets measured gets managed. And service performance measurement and management is crucial in ensuring that the service level of the organisation continues to provide satisfaction and excellent customer experience to its customers.

One of the commonly used methods of measuring service performance is the Mystery Shopper Programme, which involves an independent assessor hired by an organisation to check on the level of customer service provided to its customers.

This 3-day workshop will provide attendees guidance, checklist and tools on how to successfully implement and manage an end-to-end and robust Mystery Shopper Assessment programme. Industry practices will also be shared to help bring in all the factors and elements needed to make the assessment effective.

Attendees will benefit and learn to:
• Understand the importance of having a proper Mystery Shopper Assessment Programme for the organisation
• Factor in all the requirements needed to have an end-to-end and robust implementation and management of a Mystery Shopper Assessment Programme
• Setup and design a robust assessment program and management process or add in missing components to existing mystery shopper programme
• Establish a proper Mystery Shopper Assessment Programme and management procedure manual, including all the required key documentations
• Identify and design effective service assessment criteria or attributes
• Use the programme to recognise and reward outstanding performance and help sub-standard performers to improve their results

Mode of Training:
• Visual Presentation
• Individual, Group Work and Presentations
• Application and Practise Activities with feedback sessions
• Sharing of Best Practices

Primarily for : Officers, Managers and Executives in the Customer Service Functions, Product Management and Marketing
Prerequisite : Pre Course and Post Course Work required
Duration of course : 3 days
Attendance : 16 to 20 people

# Can be customised to meet the organisation’s requirement