Communication skills course is designed to enhance the way you communicate with your managers, peers, colleagues and client. It requires commitment to quality interactions. With the right mindset, knowledge and skills this will provide an excellent communication style in every interactions hence projecting a more professional image of self and organization. Hence converting daily encounters can be a motivating and an aspiring experience. Effective communicator transforms communication like an Art. Essentially, having clear objectives of translating thoughts into words is nevertheless are skills to be mastered and to be understood.

By being familiar and understanding your current communicating style, in this course you will be able to explore different communication styles and adopt these variably to different person and situations. This course will stretch you out of your comfort zone and receive feedback on the effect of your communication style. Area of discussions will include your real life scenarios to experience new communication skills. Learning how to manage difficult attitude, conflict situations and communicating bad news while remaining respectful to others.

Attendees will benefit and learn to:
• Communicate more effectively by consciously choosing and changing your communication style depending on the person and situation
• Build trust by communicating with personal integrity and transparency
• Address difficult behaviour, conflict situations and deliver bad news effectively while being respectful and professional
• Be sensitive of cultural difference and unbiased in verbal and non-verbal communications
• Learn to communicate upwards in an efficient way

Mode of Training:
• Visual Presentation
• Individual, Group work and Presentations
• Practice Activities with feedback sessions
• Sharing of Best Practices

Primarily for : Staff at all levels of the organization
Prerequisite : Pre and Post Course work required
Duration of course : 2 days
Attendance : 16 to 20 people

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