This course is designed to build awareness and provide attendees with the right knowledge and skills in providing excellent customer service and hence project a more professional image in self and organization and build self-confidence in their day to day job. Hence converting daily
encounters with customers into an interesting and an aspiring experience and be “labeled” as an excellent service provider.

Essentially, quality customer service is an excellent way to distinguish an organization from its Competitors, through its people. Hence, the unforgettable image of the organization and its people are always in the mind of its customers wherever they go. Quality Customer Service instills trust and reliability in customers mind and customers’ loyalty to the company.

Attendees will benefit and learn to:
• Build awareness of providing Quality Customer Experience will create the ripple effect to future repeat and potential customers
• Recognize the importance of quality customer service and its impact
• Understand and execute Service in an Islamic and Bruneian ways.
• Apply effective skills/behavior used by customer contact in dealing with customers
• Improve service standards which is unique from other organization
• Build awareness that through Quality Customer Service accurate information be gathered, sales prospects can be identified from existing or potential customers
• Horizon the confidence of oneself with credibility, reliability and responsiveness and project long lasting good image of self and organization

Mode of Training:
• Visual Presentation
• Discussion
• Practice Activities with feedback sessions

Primarily for : Staff at all levels of the organization
Prerequisite : Pre and Post Course work required
Duration of course : 2 days
Attendance : 16 to 20 people

# for further interest in the course coverage, do email us your request