A workshop designed to equip staff with appropriate techniques on how to handle difficult customers and diffuse anger effectively. This course is driven for attendees to have the right mindset and attitude when managing difficult managers, colleagues or clients. Is it always the customers who are having the problem or is it you? Fundamentally, it is important to have a greater understanding why people are difficult, what are your current outlook and perception and the reality of the situation to individual in role development and motivation.

This course will look at their current ways of handling customers and strategizing better ways of managing the situations. Be prepared to share some of your experiences with your groups. You will also be exposed to a couple of scenarios and how to manage the situations. In this course, staff will be exposed to ways of managing complaint and to take complaints as a positive instrument to improve services to current and potential clients.

Attendees will benefit and learn to:
• Understand why customers are difficult
• Defuse the customer’s negative feelings
• Obtain the best “Win-win” Solutions for Customers
• To be confident of oneself and project long lasting good image of self and organization
• Build credibility, reliability & provide effective and immediate response
• Communicate effectively with confidence and know when to stop talking

Mode of Training:
• Visual Presentation
• Discussion
• Practice Activities with feedback sessions
• Video Learning Sessions

Primarily for : Front-line staff with customer / suppliers interaction, Call Centre Staff
Prerequisite : Pre and Post Course work required
Duration of course : 2 days
Attendance : 16 to 20 people

# for further interest in the course coverage, do email us your request