Course Overview

This is a 3 days course which focuses on developing individual awareness and instilling the importance of his/her contribution in meeting or exceeding the standards required by the team or Department through Collaborative effort towards achieving the expected goals. This means with individual role, skill, knowledge, thinking and application are the attributes that makes contribution effective in group dynamics and cohesiveness.

Activities comprises of individual and group discussions on building awareness on the factors influencing team effectiveness and working together on activities in further utilizing existing teams skills and experiences. The course will cover some personalities and challenges of team members in making decisions, building trust and respect, responsibility, effective Communication and participation. To be able to work effectively in teams means to have positive attitude and character, making that commitment and contribution, collaborate soundly and objectively in order to meet the expected performance.

Learning Outcomes
To enable trainees to:
• Understand what makes a high performing team
• Be more motivated, dedicated, responsible and committed to team
• Improve self and group productivity
• Recognize that they are working shared knowledge of expertise
• Recognize that making decision requires many considerations with time
• Recognize that they are there are to Collectively problem solve
• Trust, Communicate, Co-operate and support within and outside stakeholders and meet Team Performance
• Increase Confidence

Course Duration: 3 Days

Maximum Attendees: 20

Programme Inclusive:
Visual Presentation
Facilitation & Training
Individual and Group Discussion
Practice Activities with feedback sessions
Skills Practice
Training Props and Course Materials
Video – Stress
Certificate Of Attendance

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