Course Overview
Customers are becoming more sophisticated, demands good customer service and have more opportunities to deal with many companies/retailers in their search for the preferred product or service provider. Hence, the unforgettable image of the company/retailer and its sales people are always in the customers’ minds.
Companies/Retailers must ensure that they have properly trained sales staff to help customers with making the preferred product choices and closing the sales deals whilst continuously providing the customers with quality customer service.
This 2-day training course is designed to provide participants with both the customer service and sales skills required during a sales process in helping customers make the right choices for themselves. The course will also help participants to appreciate the different types of customers who visit their organisation and how to instill trust, credibility and reliability into the customers.

Learning Outcomes
Attendees will benefit and learn to:
• Appreciate and better understand the selling concept in the offering of products and services
• Apply effective selling skills and customer service behaviours during the sales process
• Recognise the importance of quality service and understand why it must come hand in hand with making a sale
• Understand the differences between product features and product benefits
• Understand the activities required during Selling: identifying opportunities, approaching the customers, establishing needs, making recommendations, presenting options/solutions and ongoing customer service
• Able to better explain product features and product benefits as part of presenting solutions to customers
• Build awareness and recognise the importance of continuously providing quality customer experience during the interaction with customers
• Offer products and closing the deals ethically

The workshop will benefit the followings:
• Frontline staff and supervisors/officers who are in the sales roles
• Individuals who are keen to sharpen their selling skills

The workshop will be supported with:
• A colour printed visual presentation slides and space for personal notes
• Relevant Individual Work Exercise, Group Work Exercise and Participants’ Presentations
• Selling skills enhancement activities with facilitated group/ individual review and feedback sessions
• Sharing of Best Practices by our Consultant from actual work application

Duration of the Course: 2 days