Course Overview
A good presenter knows what it takes in giving an inspiring and engaging Presentation. He/She is able to
communicate clearly by translating thoughts into words and creating images in the audience mind. However
the need to adopt a common outlook and the needs of the audience is vital. To be engaged means to build
credibility during the Presentation and get the message thru as well as using visuals while considering the use of
voice, body language, audio, training materials , visual aids and different styles to connect effectively with
different type of audiences.
This 3 days course will give attendees the opportunity to do short Presentations and receiving feedback.
Participants will be looking at effective practices for preparing and giving presentation where they will be
looking at the content, key issues and vital messages and being engage and inspiring during the presentation.

Learning Outcomes
To enable trainees to:
• Always Plan, prepare and rehearse their presentations
• Adopt a thoughtful content with key messages on objectives of Presentation
• Present with Confidence and professionalism
• Use Stories, Comparison or Past incidents to relate issues
• Communicate clearly on key messages
• Use Visuals to better understanding and capture interest
• Keep Audience attention, buy in and remembrance of key messages
• Manage questions and attitudes/behavior diplomatically

Mode of Workshop:
Visual Presentation
Facilitation & Training
Skills Practice – Individual, Group exercises and Presentations
Sharing of Best practices
Video Recording Tape for Individual Attendees
Certificates of Attendance
Training Props and Course Materials

Primarily for: Managers, Executives, Officers, Sales Representatives
Prerequisite: Pre Course and Post Course Work required
Duration of Course: 3 Days
Attendance: 6 to 12 people