Course Overview
Organizational leaders are entrusted with ensuring that their team members are synergized with the overall organizational goals to achieve business sustainability. This requires the development of an organizational culture to work in a close-knit community where the team players are bound together in a cohesive and positive bond.


Teambuilding requires investments especially by leaders and team players alike in making sure their values and commitment are aligned with the organization goals; Through positive reinforcement and facilitation by associating Teambuilding activities to real life tasks and issues where they are able to share their thoughts and ideas, creativity, positive and negative experiences, best practices, uplift, motivate and support each other in a safe environment thus adding positivity to team dynamics and generates good vibes amongst employees in the real working environment hence committed towards peak performance and the success of the Organization. Effective Teambuilding means more engaged employees, which is good for the Company’s Culture and boosting the bottom line.


Attendees attending the Public Teambuilding, will be put in a simulation Organization where there will learn to work with others to reach a common goal as if these are their real colleagues. The only difference is the job scope, personal values and the qualities of attendees will make it a different experience for others to work with which will encourage more sharing of best practices, more openness and transparency in approaching the tasks or issues based on the activities demonstrated.


Learning Outcomes

Programme Objectives:
• Aligning the right attitude and teamwork development
• Enhancement of Communication, Coordination, Co-operation and commitment level leading to better personal and interpersonal effectiveness.
• Building trust and respect amongst members
• Inculcate a supporting and conducive work culture
• Creating harmonious working relationship and accelerate staff integration
• Optimization of mind power using creative thinking through fun filled indoor and/or outdoor activities
• Individual team members will learn to work together as a team, utilizing available resources and focusing on achieving their shared goals
• Instilling value of Creativity and Adaptability
• Harnessing Team Work and cooperation
• Awareness of Group and Team differences
• Nurturing the importance and qualities of a Good Leader and a Good Follower
• Importance of Time Management
• Positive Partnering and Networking through excitement & memorable Team
• Bonding in strengthening future work relationships


Programme Benefits:
• Build Individual Potential, Confidence and Self-Awareness
• Develop and encourage effective Communication, Understanding the Needs of Teams and more Collaboration
• Authentic Leadership Performance to engage cooperation and enhance performance and exercise healthy competitiveness
• Experience and Understand Different Leadership Styles and their Influence on Teams
• Exercising use of competencies, knowledge and skills in Problem Solving, Analytical, Critical Thinking and decision Making in an unfamiliar environment
• Willingness to stretch own limits of capabilities and capacities
• Building Trust. respectful culture and mitigate conflicts
• Experiential, fun and memorable thoughts to cherish
• Boost morale, dedication and commitment of self and team
• Strengthened bond and comradeship
• Foster a sense of belonging and loyalty to team
• Bring out the best in each individual


Course Programme and Contents
Day 1 – Indoor Teambuilding
• Introduction to the Teambuilding Program, Values & Expectations
• Ice Breakers
• Activity 1 / Reflections
• Energizer
• Activity 2 / Reflections
• Tea break
• Activity 3/ Reflections
• Lunch
• Activity 4 / Reflections
• Activity 5 / Reflections
• Energizer
• Activity 6/ Reflections
Day 2 – Outdoor Teambuilding
• Morning Briefing
• Rock Climbing
• Abseiling
• Flying Fox/zip line
• Map reading and Orienteering
• Rope course
• Group tasks
• Reflections
• Kayak


The Value Added Dimension
Our programme is designed to:
a. Impart practical yet powerful tools for more effective team bonding and teamwork.
b. Engage the learners in active experiential training that allows the participants to learn and immediately exercise their newly acquired skills development and awareness with positive vibes and attitude.
c. Instill commitment and ownership to learn and applying it in their job and personal life.

Our Approach
To enhance the competencies of the participants, a combination of the following approaches will be used to deliver the programme:
• Interactive activities and presentations
• Active Facilitations
• Experiential activities and involvement
• Encourages Open Communication and participation
• Peer Coaching
• Group review and reflection


Depend on Client requirements on:
1. The number of Teambuilding days
2. If it is an indoor and /or outdoor requirement
3. If the venue & Food and Beverages will be provided by Client or Training Provider
4. No of attendees
5. Customized Content
6. Other additional requirements i.e. Staff Profiling, Report on observations
7. Professional Facilitations & Logistics, Props, materials, mobilization of equipment
8. Certifications

Our Team Members
Our professional and energetic team members have ample work experiences in both business and education to Facilitate and mentor attendees effectively.
Dedicated and committed to “Safety Comes First” with accreditation in the facilitation of outdoor Teambuilding activities.