Course Overview
A 3 days Workshop to uncover both personal and professional qualities in an individual person in having awareness and clarity around his/her values and ambition. This means utilizing his/her resources both personal and professional that he/she possesses including knowledge, experience, skills, talents, energy and time to achieve goals in Professional and Personal life.
Having in mind “Work and Life Balance, Managing stress, being present, focus and open minded is critical awareness to success. Being able to Communicate Effectively with sense and presentation of self, contributes to greater confidence of how he/she carries herself to the
This workshop also enables attendees to share their experiences be it in their work life or professional life which has a positive or negative impact on their Life progress in areas of effectiveness, confidence and motivation. Insights and approaches to managing personal stress
will be shared.

Learning Outcomes
To enable trainees to:
• Appreciate the importance of your personal effectiveness- Goals, Aspiration, Your Quality and values is critical to the success of your ambition and Performance goals
• Realize that thoughtful Communication with transparency and controlled emotion has a positive impact in getting the message or work done and building good relationships.
• Awareness on where your time is going being “present and focused” to work and whom you are communicating with.
• Being able to manage your stress and putting positives stress to good use.
• Identifying your values and reflecting if you are currently living and alignment with them

Mode of Workshop:
Visual Presentation
Individual and Group Discussion
Practice Activities with feedback sessions

Course Duration: 2 Days

Maximum Attendees: 20

Programme Inclusive:
Facilitation & Training
Skills Practice
Training Props and Course Materials
Video – Stress
Certificate of Attendance